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The Trivia game of
your dreams

Explore a world of dreams in this genre-bending mobile game. Now in open beta!

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The newest evolution of trivia is here!

You have fallen asleep.

You open your eyes and see the Dream World has been transformed into a chaotic place by a dark energy who is threatening all knowledge and wonder. It is up to you, our Dreamer, to recover knowledge and restore the Dream World.

Overcome trivia challenges, clear obstacles along your path, and becomes the best Dreamer. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in your journey. Meet and join forces with Oneerikos, magical friends with special skills who will help you along the way!

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Join our Discord server, where Dreamers unite to share, learn, and enjoy great times together!


Three cards with questions from the Dream Quiz mobile game, highlighting the question:'What is the largest animal on the planet?'

overcome challenges

Answer a wide range of trivia questions, improve your knowledge, beat other players and become the best dreamer!

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explore stages with unique strategies

Exercise your mind while exploring artistics scenarios and a variety of game modes!

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Oneerikos are you best friends when solving questions and retrieving lost knowledge. Get to know their peculiar personalities!

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Five Oneerikos from the Dream Quiz mobile game, Virgil, Craig Nolan, Careme, Smartowl & Dumbsnake and Sleepy Biscuit


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